Do you know Dubai? (auf Englisch)

In Dubai wurde 2010 das mit 828 m höchste Gebäude der Welt eingeweiht, der Burj Khalifa. Er wird als Büro- und Hotelturm genutzt und enthält auch Wohnungen. Aber über Dubai gibt es noch mehr zu wissen – und zu welchem Kontinent gehören eigentlich die Arabischen Emirate?


Dubai is located in the East of the Arabian Peninsula and is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Many prominent buildings are part of its skyline. Bild: CanStockPhoto

Facts about Dubai

  • The economy of the Middle East improved greatly when they discovered oil off the coast.
  • The UAE was created in 1971 when the British left the Persian Gulf.
  • Dubai is the latest place to begin development; its money has come mostly from international business and tourism.
  • There have always been some people in the area, but today the population is growing very fast.
  • The population of Dubai was 1,422,000 when the census was taken in 2006.
  • Most of the population are non-residents and the average age is about 27.
  • There are many exciting developments in Dubai, and it is one of the biggest business markets in the world.
  • Oil creates also great wealth in Dubai, but this resource will run out one day.
  • Dubai has no natural rivers but it has many deep canyons where ancient rivers were.
  • It has many beaches and they attract tourists from all over the world.
  • Dubai has the world's tallest free-standing hotel and has built a group of islands off the coast that look like a map of the world.

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