SOTM 2021 – Student Video Clip Voting

Before the top 10 classes of Science on the Move 2021 are selected, there is one additional and obligatory task for all participating classes: To vote for the video clips submitted by their competitors!

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How to proceed

A playlist with the video clips of the 24 participating classes that managed to fulfill this year's task can be found on our YouTube channel.

Each class as a whole must have a look at the video clips from the other classes and select their three favorites.
For the sake of fairness towards the other competing classes, please have a closer look at ALL the other video clips, before you make your decision. You cannot vote for your own class!

Please vote by following the instructions you got by e-mail from the SimplyScience team.

Send the e-mail to until Thursday, 15.04.2021, 23.59 at the latest!

PLEASE NOTE: This voting task is obligatory and a prerequisite to get the “ticket” for the Final Event (if you are among the top 10)!!!

-> To the video clip playlist

Deadline Student Voting: Thursday, 15.04.2021, 23:59


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