Zoo Talk: Eine Vogelspinne als Haustier? (auf Englisch)

Der Zoologe Dan vom Australischen Zoo erzählt über Vogelspinnen – und kann sich einen kleinen Scherz mit dem Journalisten nicht verkneifen …


Gross und haarig – eine typische Vogelspinne. Bild: CanStockPhoto

Brian: Good afternoon and welcome to Zoo Talk. Today, Dan Ripley from the Australian Zoo is going to teach us about one of the most frightening animals: the tarantula. Hello, Dan!

Dan: G'day, Brian.

Brian: I see you have a tarantula with you. Ugh, scary looking things, aren't they?

Dan: Actually, Brian, people think tarantulas are the most dangerous because they are the biggest and hairiest of all spiders; but it's not true. They are really quite gentle and often make good pets.

Brian: Pets! You're kidding, right?

Dan: Not at all! Some tarantulas are as harmless as rabbits.

Brian: This one is so big it Iooks like it could eat my dog!

Dan: Nah, but they do enjoy juicy grasshoppers, beetles, and, sometimes, small lizards.

Brian: lt, uh, seems to want to get out.

Dan: Would you like to hold him?

Brian: Hold him? Uh ... well ... oh Iook at that! We are just about out of time! Thank you, Dan, for joining us today. Maybe next time you could bring a cute, cuddly rabbit?

Dan: Ah, Brian. Have you seen the tarantula? He seems to have escaped ...

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