Science on the Move - Posters Task 2

These are the 20 posters of the classes which managed to fulfill Task 2.
All in the competition remaining classes are asked to vote for their three favorite posters...

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Results Task 2

Freies Gymnasium Bern - Class Tertia 2

Poster: The secret of roots

Gymnasium Bäumlihof - Class 3i

Poster: Roots - unnoted giants

Gymnasium Burgdorf - Class 16c

Poster: Roots like it acid

Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt - Class 16ei

Poster: Back to the roots

Gymnasium Laufental-Thierstein - Class 1B

Poster: Is the global warming the death for the roots?

Gymnasium Thun-Schadau - Class 17gA

Poster: What roots want

Kantonsschule am Burggraben - Class 3aL

Poster: Coffee / caffeine boosted roots

Kantonsschule Trogen - Class SF5A

Poster: Rootgrowth and electric current

Kantonsschule Trogen - Class SF5B

Poster: The mystery of auxin

Kantonsschule Wettingen - Class G2B

Poster: Roots and their behaviour with plant hormones

Liceo Lugano 1 - Class 3HN

Poster: When plants try birthcontrol

Liceo Lugano 1 - Class 3JN

Poster: Do roots dance?

Neue Kantonsschule Aarau - Class 3B

Poster: Back to the roots

Stifsschule Einsiedeln - Class SFBC 4

Poster: A closer look at root tropism

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