Science on the Move - Posters Task 2

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These are the 20 posters of the classes which managed to fulfill Task 2.
All in the competition remaining classes are asked to vote for their three favorite posters...

Results Task 2

Freies Gymnasium Bern - Class Tertia 2

Poster: The secret of roots

Gymnasium Bäumlihof - Class 3i

Poster: Roots - unnoted giants

Gymnasium Burgdorf - Class 16c

Poster: Roots like it acid

Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt - Class 16ei

Poster: Back to the roots

Gymnasium Laufental-Thierstein - Class 1B

Poster: Is the global warming the death for the roots?

Gymnasium Thun-Schadau - Class 17gA

Poster: What roots want

Kantonsschule am Burggraben - Class 3aL

Poster: Coffee / caffeine boosted roots

Kantonsschule Trogen - Class SF5A

Poster: Rootgrowth and electric current

Kantonsschule Trogen - Class SF5B

Poster: The mystery of auxin

Kantonsschule Wettingen - Class G2B

Poster: Roots and their behaviour with plant hormones

Liceo Lugano 1 - Class 3HN

Poster: When plants try birthcontrol

Liceo Lugano 1 - Class 3JN

Poster: Do roots dance?

Neue Kantonsschule Aarau - Class 3B

Poster: Back to the roots

Stifsschule Einsiedeln - Class SFBC 4

Poster: A closer look at root tropism

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