A Window into the Future

Are you curious about what the future holds? Do you find science labs intriguing? Then take part in these online meetings, discuss with real scientists about cutting-edge research and learn exciting things!

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"A Window into the Future" is a series of online meetings for high-school students organised by the Davidson Institute of Science Education. It introduces participants to some of the Weizmann Institute’s cutting-edge scientific studies as they engage in eye-level conversations with the scientists involved, in a lab environment.

Throughout the program the scientists share with the participants their personal experiences about choosing a career in science, their daily experiences in the laboratory, as well as the challenges scientists and researchers face as part of their work.

Ahead of each session, the participants will be provided with articles, videos, and presentations related to the research pursued by the scientist they will meet. Find here an example.

The program is conducted in English.

For whom

High-school students from around the world


5 yearly sessions, starting Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 at 16:00 (IST). For Swiss time add 4:30.

24.01.21 Gal Perlmoter, Lab of prof. Karina Yaniv.
Topic: "Regeneration of the heart" 

21.02.21 Jagoda Jabłońska. Lab of prof. Dan Tawfik.
Topic: “Reconstruction of past evolutionary events: Application of computational approach on experimental design” 

25.04.21 Dr. Lara Kern. Lab of prof. Eran Elinav. 
Topic: “Microbiota: Mechanisms of co-evolution that lead to stable community formation and homeostatic host-microbial mutualism”

30.5.21 Dr. Lital Adler. Lab of Dr. Ayelet Erez. 
Topic: “Altered cellular metabolism in cancer and its therapeutical potential”

* Schedule and sessions may be subjected to changes. 


The meetings take place online via Zoom.



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A Window into the Future

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