SOTM 2023 – Task

Beside political issues and distribution problems, food production was and still is crucial. Can you as a class develop a model for sustainable production of biomass without sunlight?

The Challenge

In the file below you will find all information about the task of Science on the Move 2023.
Download it and read it very carefully! We wish you good luck and a lot of fun!

Task – The Challenge

PowerPoint Template for the Poster

Publication and Closing Dates

Publication task: Monday, 06.02.2023, 08:00

Closing date task and submission of files:
Friday, 31.03.2023, 13:00 at the very latest!

Please create the 3 files exactly as requested and send them via WeTransfer or Swisstransfer to scienceonthemove(at)simplyscience.ch.


Erstellt: 06.02.2023