Gymnasium am Münsterplatz - Class 3B

Picture: Freies Gymnasium Bern - Class G11/G10 SF BC

"When we as the class 3B heard of the project 'Science on the Move' we knew it would be our next challenge to tackle with joy. For we as an energetic and committed class have participated in multiple projects in our short past together like our theatre that we were able to perform at the beginning of this year, our participation in planning the GM Fest and entertaining the guests visiting our Gymnasium as well as the short skit we performed at our school's anniversary in 2019. We've got many creative and talented students in our class and when it comes to class dynamics nobody in the school can compete with us. We hold together just like a family does and with the right goal and motivation we could accomplish nearly anything. As a class, we believe that creating a smart system that contributes to human progress would be a great and challenging task for us that we would love to tackle and master. We’re eagerly awaiting this contest and are excited about the opportunity to participate."


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Erstellt: 15.01.2021

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