Of movie, mist and a fine food

The "Best Picture" taken during the nation-wide class competition "Science on the Move 2013". Picture: Class G3B, Neue Kantonsschule Aarau, spring 2013

In the course of the competition "Science on the Move 2013", the classes were asked to provide photographs of planarians (the subject of task 1) in order to win a prize for the "Best Picture 2013". The award for the best shot of a planarian went to the class G2B (now G3B) of the Neue Kantonsschule Aarau. They won a trip to the IMAX cinema in Lucerne followed by a dinner for the whole class...

"For the prize we won for the best picture in the SimplyScience competition our class travelled to Lucerne (the trip was hilarious) to enjoy our well-earned reward. We got the afternoon off school to visit the IMAX, a cinema with Switzerland’s biggest screen (!), and had the pleasure of watching an impressive documentary on Kenya in 3D – what an experience!

The weather spectacle at the lake Lucerne. Picture: Class G3B, Neue Kantonsschule Aarau, December 2013

Dazzled by this adventure we took a short walk by the lake and were amazed by the weather spectacle that presented itself to us. The combination of lake, mountains, mist and sunshine created a wonderful ambiance giving us an irresistible opportunity to capture some pictures of the unforgettable moment we shared together as a class.

Since it appeared slightly too chilly to swim to the other side, we decided to cross the lake by boat. Once we had arrived at the other shore, everybody was anxious to get to the exquisite restaurant to fill our hungry bellies. Yes, that’s right, included in our reward was a fancy dinner at any place of our liking.

The winning class of the "Science on the Move - Best Picture 2013" during their trip to the IMAX cinema in Lucerne. Picture: Class G3B, Neue Kantonsschule Aarau, December 2013

At the ticinese “Bellini” we grabbed the menus with high expectation and watering mouths. After considering and calculating all options fitting our budget we all were able to find a dinner that suited us. The food tasted delicious and enhanced our fabulous evening filled with lively chatter and a few glasses of wine. For the ones able to find some spare space in their bellies the restaurant offered an appetizing selection of desserts which were spooned up to the last crumb.

The memories of the time when we were all extremely busy with our SimplyScience project came to the surface again and made that well-earned evening even more unforgettable.
We are looking forward to the next competition!"

Erstellt: 14.01.2014